Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dark Confession

Lament of the past, an anguish to cure,
Ungodly hatred turned demented like hell,
I waited for time, enough for me to return.
Despite the slumbering days, I was left imprisoned,
An agony so deleterious took me to nowhere.

Compliment and honor I never thought of,
Alluring maleness seemed rare to find for a
Broken heart that took years to heal,
An ambiguous sentiment no nymph may wish for.
Tough! They said I was! But –
Alone and empty feeling, senseless fellows didn’t see.
Nightly misery made a rotten heart,
Awoke to enjoy enough the world’s splendor!

- Luida Cabatana

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Acrostic by Orven Enoveso

Oh to be me, myself, uniquely I.
Reflecting extremes, revolving deviations.
Vice with virtues mixed, as saintly as sly.
Excellence, mediocrity both bestridden.
Nuanced greatness, delusion of mine.

Explicitly muted as implicitly loud.
Not wanting excess, neither settling for less.
One day humble, the next day proud.
Vulgarity and flair both possessed.
Enjoying fully this adventure, life’s game.
Sundry characters in one indeed, as surely as
Orven Enoveso is my name.

- Orven Enoveso

This Orven Enoveso piece originally appeared in Creative Writing Exercises. Bisoy originated a regular creative writing exercise in his company, participated by copy writers in the office.